While driving along the winding road en route to Guggisberg Cheese, take notice of the green pastures and Amish farms you will pass along your journey. It is those green pastures that influence the cheese at Guggisberg. In fact, the lush pastures provide quality gazing for cows that in turn produce the sweet, fresh milk that gives the Guggisberg Baby Swiss its creamy distinct flavor. 

Baby Swiss cheese is known throughout the country, even world. But in the late 1940s, the first Baby Swiss was made at the Charm cheesehouse. That recipe has become a favorite for cheese lovers everywhere. While others may copy it, there is no cheese like the Original Baby Swiss Cheese—made by Guggisberg Cheese. 

One sample of any Guggisberg cheese and you can taste the perfection. Winner of the Grand Champion Cheesemaker title numerous times, Guggisberg was a first place winner at the World Dairy Expo in 2007 and 2008. 

Along with a cheesemaking viewing area and samples, the cheese shop features local and European style meats, authentic Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks and cheese accessories. 

Across the street from the factory, diners can get a taste of the Old Country at Chalet in the Valley restaurant, which specializes in serving authentic Swiss and Austrian cuisine.