At Homestead Furniture in Mt. Hope, it’s all about personalization. They understand that in today’s world savvy customers will only buy items that are exactly what they want and need.

People want versatility as well as style, quality as well as value, durability as well as functionality. Homestead Furniture provides that and so much more.

Homestead Furniture will build whatever you want for any room in your home or office. Really, there are no limits to what they can do when it comes to building furniture. In the case of the dining table, you can have an intimate dinner for two or host a dinner party for 22 and all gather around the same, beautifully hand-tooled table.

Customers benefit in other ways, too. You can choose the wood species, the style, the dimensions, the stain and any other feature you want incorporated into your furniture. That’s even true for upholstered and leather furniture, and it’s all made in America. Plus, Homestead Furniture uses green practices in their hand-tooled custom construction and delivery.

Visit Homestead Furniture today to see for yourself. With the area’s largest showroom, they have an incredible selection of dining, bedroom, office and family room furniture, including entertainment centers. Their interior design specialist can help you choose just the right color, stain and fabric for whatever style you want.

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