BRIGHT CLEAN WHEAT Straw, small squares, baled dry. Shakes out well. Delivery available. Call: (330)473-7511.
CERTIFIED ORGANIC HAY, Clover Italian Rye Grass mix. Wrapped or straight out of the field. (330)473-7511.
TAKING ORDERS FOR Red Haven peaches ripening approx. Aug. 1st and Contender peaches ripening Approx. Aug. 16th, (330)893-9906. Hillcrest Orchard, Walnut Creek, Ohio.
SILVER APPLEYARD DUCKLINGS $12/each. Khaki Campbell ducks $25/pair. 16-week Speckled Sussex and Buff Orpington, $25/pair. White Rock pullets $10. Dorking rooster, $5, (330)674-5446.
4YR. OLD BLACK Standardbred Gelding, T.S.S., been in buggy for a year. Safe for women. $5,200, (330)600-9578.
2 CHEVIOT RAMS, born in February. (330)600-9199.
FOR SALE 4 BOER Goats, 2 Nannies, 2 Billy's $225 each. (330)231-1761.
NEW HOLLAND TC45A Tractor, 4X4 with loader, 1,220 hours, $14,750. John Miller, (330)893-0303.
MT. HOPE BLACKSMITH will come to your barn & shoe horses. 10 miles from Mt. Hope. Call Andrew Weaver (330)231-7571.
6YR. OLD BAY Gelding, 3/4 Morgan, 1/4 Standardbred, 15.3HH, 100% T.S.S., Good traveler. Boy's horse deluxe, $6,000, OBO, (330)365-0233.
10YR. OLD DARK Bay Friesan Cross Gelding, 16.1HH, 100% T.S.S., Anyone can drive. Very quiet. Broke to ride and drive, (330)365-0233.
14 YEAR OLD, Big Black Standardbred Gelding, Good for long trips. 16.2HH Traffic Safe and Sound TSS, Too Much for 63 Year Old Grandpa, $3,200 OBO 330-365-0233
3RD CUTTING GRASS mixed hay. Good quality horse hay. Large square bales. $140 per bale, (330)365-0233.
7 YEAR OLD Gelding, trotter, very safe, handles lots of miles, drives up on the bit. TSS. $8,900. Atlee Miller (330)275-8960.
1ST CUTTING, SMALL square Orchard Grass Alfalfa mix. Good horse hay! Also, small square nice wheat straw. (330)893-0429.
5 YEAR OLD gelding T.S.S., mostly trot, surrey horse $6,500. (330)691-0327.
8 YEAR OLD gelding Mr. Lavec, T.S.S., was our surrey horse for the last year $6,700. (330)691-0327.
WANTED TO PURCHASE: French Lop Rabbits, bunnies or adults. (330)473-7572.
MALLARD DUCKS FOR sale. Black Indian call ducks. 16 week old Golden Buff Pullets, Rhode Island Red Pullets $8/each. (330)473-7572.
10 YEAR OLD gelding 41in. tall. 7 year old gelding 55in. tall. 4 year old mare 53in. tall. 1/4 Fresian, 1/4 Standarbred, 1 half pony. All ponies are very well broke and T.S.S. (740)622-0745.
3 MINIATURE PONY Geldings, all broke to ride & drive. $1,000-$1,200. (330)988-4901.
3YR OLD MARE 16-hands TSS all trot, good broke family horse. Eli D. Miller(330)852-0772.
FOR RENT E50B New Holland mini excavator CHA. C227 New Holland track loader. L160 New Holland skid loader, forks, bucket, grapple, 12-18" auger, jack hammer, MT55 bobcat dingo, bucket, forks, 9-12" auger. Call HolmCo Rentals Ltd. @(330)674-RENT
WHEAT STRAW- LARGE Square Bales 3'x3'x8', bright or dark, short or long, delivery available. (419)356-1836.
4YR. OLD BIG black Friesan Cross Gelding. 16.3HH, 100% T.S.S. Anyone can drive. Sire Peter-Z, Dam Standardbred Hackney cross, $7,200, (330)365-0233.
DAIRY GOAT, FRESH 4 months, 1 gallon per day $400. (330)317-9379.
DORSET EWE LAMBS out of Kuhns stock born in March. Also 2yr old Dorset Rams (330)621-4550.
9 YEAR OLD gelding T.S.S., safe enough for grandma or school children $4,500. (330)691-0327.
8 YEAR OLD Standard-bred Gelding 16.1hands black two whites & 1 star, buggy broke, TSS. Serious driver, boys horse deluxe. Matthew Miller (740)824-4771.
8FT I-J hay mower (330)893-2070
4X5 ROUND BALES First Cutting Grass Hay, Rained on. $15 per Bale, if you pick it up at field. Valed on 6/12/21. 330-260-2966
YEARLING PHILLY BY Sire Jaxen VL, Black- $2,500 Merlin Miller 3819 Oak Ridge Road, Sugarcreek 330-600-7405
BLACK AND WHITE, 47 inch Gelding Pony. TSS, Broke to ride and drive, $2,800 330-897-1432
LAVENDER ORPINGTONS, STARTING to lay, $40/pair. (740)415-5530.
1620 GEHL SILAGE Wagon for sale, excellent condition. 940 GEHL Silage Wagon very good condition! Call: (330)852-4298.
FREE RANGE, GMO free fresh brown eggs $2.00 per dozen. David Zook, 10963 Bardell Avenue, Bolivar, OH 44612.
BRAND NEW MEDIUM size pony harness and EZ entry pony cart, good condition (330)201-4638.
2 YEAR OLD Fresian standardbred quarter horse. Sharp black, sport mare. Started in harness, lots of potential $5,500 OBO. Mahlon Miller (330)206-7743.
HEAVY DUTY WOODS 3pt box blade, forward and reverse grading, hydraulic controlled rippers $1,650. (330)674-0230.
6'X5' RED INSULATED Chicken Coop 4 nests, electric light, 1 window. Asking:$120. (330)466-6294.
ZETOR 100HP 4X4 tractor Massey Ferguson 270 65hp. Brock seed bin, hay and drain transport elevators. (330)897-1240.
4YR OLD BLACK pacing bred standardbred gelding. TSS. $5,350-OBO (330)231-2351.
3 ROLLER PIGEONS $10/each (330)473-5072.
BILLY GOAT, TWO month old. White with blue eyes. A pet. Good milking dam, (330)695-6793.
4YR OLD FRIESIAN Standardbred Gelding, good for long trips, 3 whites star and snip. shys about big trucks. Phineas Yoder (330)600-4678.
2YR OLD BELGIAN Gelding, sire Hickland Huston sire of dam SEM Jasper. $3,500 (330)231-6024.
2 YEAR OLD Belgian gelding Sire Orndorff Mariah Dream, Sire of Dam Round-Up Flashy Prince $3,500. (330)231-6024.
YEARLING BELGIAN PHILLY Sire Kandyman, broke to lead $3,000. (330)231-6024.
7 YEAR OLD black surrey horse, T.S.S., 8663 TR 601, Fredericksburg. VM (330)695-2045.
STANDARDBRED GELDING. CHOICE out of 3. Surrey size, (330)521-0410.
1&1/2 YR. OLD black and white Alpine Nannie. David Miller, 53872 State Route 651, Baltic, OH 43804. Call: (330)600-7510.
WANTED: A USED forecart in good condition, (330)407-7759.
FOR SALE: 6X8 portable chicken coop, good condition, $250, (330)465-9908.
49" WHITE SCHOOL Pony for sale. Broke broke. 15yrs. old, (330)893-3723.
1ST CUTTING ALFALFA new hay, large square bales, $300 per ton. Good horse hay. Call: (330)600-1519.
YEARLING BAY STUD Colt. 3/4 Standardbred, 1/4 Friesian. Mohican Hanover sire. Pieter-Z dam, $7,500, (330)600-5479.
7 NIGERIAN DWARF Goats for sale, (330)600-8944.
YEARLING 34" STRAWBERRY Roan Philly for sale. Green broke to drive. Contact:(330)473-5127.
FOR SALE: PYGMY goat, 4 mo. old, $150, OBO, (330)473-9452.
DORSET RAM BORN in February triplet good breeding stock, $450.00, Robert Shetler, (330)473-7317.
PURE BRED NUBIAN Doelings, good bloodlines and milk. CAE negative, no CL, G6S normal $225-$300. (740)545-6789.
1 YR. OLD Jersey Bull, 39" tall, $1,200, (330)852-4738.
3 NANNY PYGMY Goats and 3 Bill Pygmy Goats. 6-8 weeks old. Nanny's $175, Billy's $125, (330)359-0631.
4YR. OLD REGISTERED Morgan Gelding, 14.2H. Some women can drive. Good steady traveler, T.S.S. $4,500. New Bedford, (330)231-7435.
2 BOAR NANNIES, 1 Billy. 5 months old. Also, lionhead rabbits, (330)407-6034.
1 YEAR OLD pony stud, should mature to 54-56". Sorrel & broke to drive $750. (330)359-5823.
18YR. OLD STANDARDBRED Gelding, $2,000. Was used in mini surrey. Call Marvin Yoder, (330)763-4808.
PAINT PONY FOR sale. 14yr. old, 43" high. Broke to ride and cart, $1,100. Call Marvin Yoder (330)763-4808.
FOR SALE BLACK Angus Yearling Bull, Calm $1,200 Voicemail 330-682-0530
BOBCAT 753 SKID loader, 1,507 hours. $11,950. John Miller (330)893-0303.
JOHN DEERE BRUSHHOG MX6 72 inch excellent condition. $1,925. Kohler 30KW Genset natural gas, 8,473 hours, $1,650. (330)674-4426.
3YR OLD GELDING Mr. Cantab drives nice, buggy broke, TSS $8,800. Also 4yr old Gelding trotter good broke family horse, TSS $7,500. 6yr old Gelding all trot, really good broke, TSS $6,200. Jonathan Weaver (330)600-4984.
2 MO. OLD Pygmy goats, 2 Billy's $150/each, 1 Nanny, $200, (330)897-2060.
2 YR. FRIESAN Standardbred Cross, Gelding. Sire Zebulon. Dam side Balanced Image. Well started in cart. $5,500, (330)275-5494.
8YR. OLD BLACK Gelding. Buggy size. Drives with tight lines. Horseman's horse. T.S.S. Steven Miller, (330)473-0518.
5 MINIATURE DONKEY Jenny's. Exposed to spotted Jack. For summer/fall babies. $1,550. Spotted, $1,750, (330)641-3155.
BABY CHEEKS, GOLDEN comet Rhode Island red cross $4 each. Also, 5 week old $5 each. (330)600-0091.
FOR SALE YEARLING dutch/percheron stud,black with 4 white socks . 3yr old 53" sorrel gelding green broke to ride $1,600. 330-473-7273
3YR OLD HACKNEY type mare approx 42" ,green broke ,exposed to black and white stud for 2022 $900. Older 38" gray pony mare, not quite sound ,great little kids pony ,exposed to black and white stud for 2022. $500. 330-473-7273
3 YEAR OLD Paint 1/2 Hackney gelding. Green and broke to ride and drive. 8219 TR 611 Fredericksburg, OH 44627.
6YR OLD DAPPLE gray, 38" Pony Gelding. Broke to ride and drive, $1,800, (330)674-2315.
3YR. OLD BLACK Trotting Bred Gelding. T.S.S., Also, 8yr. old Trotting Bred Gelding, T.S.S. Anyone can drive, (330)852-2979.
13 KATAHDIN EWES. Bred by a Katahdin buck. $325, OBO, (330)852-2979.
2 DORSET RAM Lambs, born in March, out of a Kuhns stock ram. $250/each or both for $450. VM (330)857-0103.
FOR RENT: NEW Esch no-till drill, 7ft. Delivery available. Albert Miller, (330)893-1637.
14YR. OLD STANDARDBRED Gelding, good broke for most anyone to drive, T.S.S., $3,750, (330)600-2803.
1ST CUTTING GRASS mix dry hay for sale! 4x5 bales, good for horses, 800lbs. $75/each. (330)893-2892.
4YR. OLD BAY Quarter Horse Standardbred Cross gelding. Buggy broke. Green broke to ride, $2,800, (330)600-0090.
2 JERSEY STEERS, 2yrs. old, .75 cents per pound, OBO. Ammon Miller, 10320 East Lincoln Way, Orrville, OH 44667.
5 WEEK OLD Pygmy goats, 3 Nannies, $200/each, 1 Billy, $150. Ammon Miller, 10320 East Lincoln Way, Orrville, OH 44667.
15 YEAR OLD gelding, T.S.S., travels well $2,000, OBO. Aaron Beachy (330)359-0147.
16 YEAR OLD gelding, T.S.S., good for older people. Aaron Beachy (330)359-0147.
BUGGY HORSE HARNESS, $275, (330)695-2383.
YEARLING STUD COLT, Morgan/Cleveland Bay cross $2,800. (330)763-0269
6 YEAR OLD black Fresian/Morgan gelding. T.S.S., stands to hitch and at stop signs, family or would make good boys horse $7,000, OBO. (330)260-3903.
TEXAS LONGHORN COW, very gentle. Also, 2 year old Longhorn steer. (330)893-2050.
16YR. OLD GELDING, traffic safe. Good for older people. (330)359-0147, Aaron Beachy.
15YR. OLD GELDING. Traffic save. Travels well. $2,000 OBO, (330)359-0147, Aaron Beachy.
NEW HOLLAND 489 Round baler, $950. Also, 479 Haybine, $750 used in 2020 Hay season, (330)763-4848.
PYGMY BILL GOAT, 3mo. old. Dark gray/white, $150; Mini Rex Bunnies, $10/each. Various colors, (330)893-9504.