Rediscover the sounds around you at Modern Hearing Solutions

Rediscover the sounds around you at Modern Hearing Solutions
Randy L. McKee

The Modern Hearing Solutions team of Eric Mounts, founder, left; Dr. Ellie Foltz; Amy Stein, Office Manager focus on the medical treatment of hearing loss, using technology and devices to do that. But the real treatment comes from the hearing professional and what happens in the treatment room.


For years, Modern Hearing Solutions helped to restore the quality of life to many Millersburg residents with its Mobile Hearing Clinic. Now, announced Eric Mounts, founder and co-owner of the family operated hearing center, Modern Hearing is available full time at its new Millersburg location.

“Our Millersburg office is new, but we’re not new to the community by any stretch,” said Eric Mounts, who owns the company with his wife, Mia. “We grew up in the area — in nearby Dover — and as a company we have been changing lives through better and affordable hearing health care for 27 years. We are familiar with so many people and businesses in the area, and we are thrilled to finally be in the heart of it all.”

Modern Hearing Solutions’ mission, Mounts said, is to provide “better quality of care and better quality of life.”

The Millersburg office, which opened in September, is the newest of Modern Hearing Solutions’ six offices.

“We’re expanding to Millersburg to fill a need in the community,” Mounts said. “Besides bringing our mobile clinic into Millersburg, we had a good number of patients who were driving the distance to one of our other locations. Patients have been asking us to open an office in Holmes County for years and we’ve wanted to do it for some time, but we have always taken our time to make business decisions with purpose and a plan to be successful. Part of that plan was to ensure that we could continue to provide the very best care to our new community in Millersburg. We wanted to ensure we could locate our very best professionals in Millersburg and we are proud to be doing just that.”

Patients who visit the Millersburg clinic will work with Eric Mounts and Dr. Ellen Foltz, Au.D. — a doctor of audiology.

The practice started after Eric Mounts, who had started in the technical side of the business — building and repairing hearing aids — decided to get certified to help people recover their lost ability to hear and comprehend the world around them. Soon after — in 1994 — he opened his office in Dover.

“Our motivation was to improve the standard of care and the quality of service and devices in our area,” Mounts said.

Modern Hearing Solutions treats the full gamut of hearing conditions and specializes in tinnitus — or ringing in the ears. Tinnitus patients have traveled from as far as Pennsylvania and Texas to be treated at Modern Hearing Solutions, Mounts said.

“Our providers are specially trained in treating tinnitus and hearing loss,” he said. “Like diabetes, tinnitus cannot be cured, but it can definitely be treated. It is a neuro consequence of hearing loss and we treat both conditions.”

“Hearing problems don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution because each person experiences symptoms differently. We specialize in affordable solutions to the extremely challenging and frustration problems caused by hearing loss and tinnitus,” he said. “We use technology and devices, but the real treatment comes from the hearing professional and what happens in the treatment room. Just as you can’t give someone a tool chest and expect them to fix your car, the way we treat our patients is a lot more involved than selling them a hearing aid. We try to help everyone understand that hearing loss is more about your brain than it is your ears. For that reason, we do not use traditional hearing aids that make everything louder, that can be detrimental. We often see people for the first time many years after they first begin to notice they are having difficulty hearing. Because hearing loss is a progressive degenerative disease, early treatment is important.”

You can begin to rediscover the sounds around you by making an appointment at Modern Hearing Solutions, at 1016 South Washington Street in Millersburg. You can learn more about the practice by visiting or by calling 330-427-3868.

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