White Law Office is making big changes

White Law Office is making big changes
Randy L. McKee

White Law Office Co. is embracing change by taking on a new moniker, Eques. The new name reflects the vision of company founder Thomas White to expand and grow both in size and location.


Since Thomas White, attorney and retired Holmes County common pleas court judge, opened the White Law Office in 2010, we have grown as a legal service provider beyond our plans of just being a father-and-son law firm. We now serve 28 of the 88 counties in Ohio regularly and have seven full-time attorneys and 20 team members. We have gone from feeling a sense of pride in our first 100 clients served in our first year to serving more than 75 new and returning clients every month.

Along with our geographic growth, we have grown our firm to include 36 distinct practice areas to better serve our communities — all of this while upholding our values of honesty, empowerment, innovation and respect and maintaining our core goal of providing a small-town approach with top-notch talent.

But with so much growth comes an evolution of who we are and how we can best serve our current and new communities.

A new name

When White Law Office began, Thom was the sole attorney, and I was his clerk. After I passed the bar, White Law Office became White Law Office Co. But as our service area and employee numbers grew, we realized our vision needed to expand. As such, we have decided to change the name of White Law Office Co. to Eques.

Eques honors the legacy of White Law Office Co. by leaning into the heritage of the knight chess piece that has been our logo since we began. The knight is the only chess piece that can jump other chess pieces to get into a unique position on the board. In much the same way as the knight, the attorneys at Eques are always looking for ways to leverage their experience and resources to get clients the solutions they need in innovative ways.

While the name may change, the people, vision, mission and values remain the same.

A new location

One way we are evolving is by innovating with our infrastructure. I am excited to let you know we have opened a brand-new, state-of-the-art office in Bunkerhill (just north of Berlin behind Heini’s Cheese at 5989 County Road 77, Millersburg). This location will house attorney Ken Hochstetler’s team and practice and be a landing spot for our operations and support teams. Our new office will be a part of the RISE Spaces experiment to create a collaborative, innovative, co-working production, and deal flow space.

A new way to access solutions

One of the biggest hurdles to accessing legal services is clients have to meet us when we are available. Following our values of empowerment and innovation, the team at Eques has been researching and developing a powerful new platform that can create access to legal products when and where our clients need them, regardless of our availability. That platform is called Launch Law and is an online do-it-yourself legal document platform. For the past six months, a dedicated team has been busy building Launch Law so you can access basic legal documents when it works best for you.

The Launch Law platform is starting with a portfolio of five documents, with over 40 documents in development that will be launching in the coming months. These starting documents are a simple will, living will, power of attorney, durable healthcare power of attorney and a residential real estate purchase contract. You can access Launch Law at LaunchLawInc.com and start the process of customizing your own DIY legal documents.

Our team is committed to empowering the communities we serve and innovating on the delivery of legal services in the places we call home — and beyond.

For further information, contact 330-231-1195.

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