Big changes start with one easy change

Big changes start with one easy change

So people often choose to indulge during the holidays and put off thoughts of fitness, health and nutrition until January. Why not enjoy the treats of the season and deal with any consequences later? It’s part of celebrating the season, right?

Think about this: Why not deal with treats and consequences at the same time? Why start the new year an additional 5 or 10 pounds heavier?

I’m not against treats. In fact, I love chocolate so much I make a point of having some each day. But I have just a bit. I add about a tablespoon of chocolate chips to my oatmeal or yogurt.

Have you tried in other years to really get going in January and then had your plans go flat? How about getting a bit of a running start?

Instead of eating a full portion of your favorite treat, eat a few bites and really savor the taste. Ask for a small portion to start with or pass the remainder on to someone else. My lean 20-something sons are the perfect recipients. They can eat everything and not gain an ounce. And they eat it before I can reconsider finishing the whole serving.

If you don’t currently have a regular workout regimen, start a few things now. Do one push-up a day. Add an extra every few days. Walk around your living room. Walk around it three times. Walk around the block or down the street. Walk a mile. Start with something small to build momentum.

Perhaps you are already a regular on the treadmill, at the gym or on the roads. Are you thinking of increasing your mileage or intensity in the year to come? Start adding a bit at a time now. Add an extra quarter-mile or mile, depending on your current level. Inch things up just a bit.

You could even combine your efforts. If you know you will attend an event that will likely involve food, put in a little extra exercise. It’s not likely to totally counteract a big meal or extravagant treats, but every bit helps. Give yourself even more of a boost by eating less before or after the event.

Maybe you’re hoping to eat a healthier selection of food in the year to come. Get a head start now. Substitute a banana or other fruit for a sugary snack.

Eat one meal at home you would usually eat at a fast-food restaurant. Try one new recipe. Choose something organic instead of what you normally purchase.

Get your kids involved. Start talking to them about the way you would like the family to start eating. Find ways to make it exciting and fun. Let them pick out healthy food in the store. When you decide to eat at home instead of going for fast food, put the money you save into a jar for a fun family outing.

Start making a list of meals to make at home. You don’t have to start cooking them yet. Just collect the ideas so you have them ready when the new year begins.

Big changes that become permanent life styles often start with one simple, easy change. Write down one or two things that might get you started on a goal for next year and start doing them now. Letting them sneak into your life may make it easier to push for bigger change in the future.

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