We were down to the emergency frozen pizza

We were down to the emergency frozen pizza

Sometimes your best-laid plans do not work out. It seems I went directly from winter stupor to spring allergies. You can always tell when the maple tree in the backyard is budding that sinus and sore throat problems are not far away.

It probably didn’t help that I went out on a picture-taking trip during high winds and light snow a few nights before. I was driving around looking for some interesting shots that might fit in with a local meeting I will write about soon. It was so cold, and I had to worry about parking safely, crossing streets without getting hit by a car, trying to figure out the best angle for a photo without getting hit by a car and frostbite.

Maybe I just need some different gloves because I can’t take photos with the gloves I have, so my hands were freezing.

So that’s how I woke up feeling poorly on a Saturday when I had planned to accomplish so much. My computer stayed closed, I canceled out of walking with my sister, I canceled my plans to leave the house at all and naps became the order of the day.

My cats love it when I stay home all day though. They snuggle up and are all in with the napping. It’s their thing because cats sleep about 18 hours a day.

Canceling out of a day of activities was not a good thing. It had been weeks since I’d actually made a solid trip to the grocery store with a list of food items that matched the list of menus I’d planned out. Lately, I have been just picking up one or two things necessary to put together a meal.

I had breakfast and lunch figured out, but what to have for supper?

Yes, we were down to the emergency frozen pizza. I always keep on hand one or two frozen pizzas for when time is short and we need to eat. My husband Joe is not wild about eating frozen pizza, but sometimes there just isn’t a choice. Today was looking like an emergency frozen pizza day.

I had to tell Joe the bad news. He took it better than I thought.

I grabbed the pizza out of the freezer, preheated the oven and put in the pizza. I set my kitchen timer for the appropriate amount of time needed to cook the pizza. I could have set my oven to turn off after a certain amount of time, but why would I want to do that? Unfortunately, I was about to find out.

I left the timer in the kitchen and went to relax in the living room for a few minutes. My eyes involuntarily closed, and when they opened, that pizza was smelling good. I went to the kitchen and looked at the timer. It read eight minutes. I grabbed the timer and took it back to the living room so I’d be sure to hear it sound. I never heard it sound, but the next time I looked at the timer, it read 17 minutes. It seems the timer was going in the wrong direction. That’s when I looked closer and saw the numbers on the timer were going up and not counting down.

I ran to the kitchen and, oh no, my emergency pizza looked like it had seen better times. Those times were about 17 minutes ago. There were a few small burnt spots, but the rest of the pizza was just really dark brown.

I pulled it from the oven hoping it could be saved. There was no backup plan for if the emergency pizza failed.

I sliced it up. It was a good sign that it could still be cut. I warned Joe before I served him the two least brown looking slices from the pie. He took one bite before declaring it inedible. Turns out there is an emergency backup to pizza fail — it’s salad and canned soup.

I ate the pizza though. It was fine. I’m not picky. Nothing wrong with a little heavily caramelized cheese and extra crunchy pepperoni.

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