Boom-booms make home and dogs uneasy

Boom-booms make home and dogs uneasy

Our house and our dogs are not fans of fireworks.

In fact, both of our dogs hide in our closet at the first blast of a firework. They tremble all over and whimper constantly. Often, they begin to tremble before we hear a thing. Of course, their ears are far more sensitive than ours.

Actually, they do the same thing when thunder rumbles. No matter how far away the storm, our canines get super nervous and head for our closet. Storms don’t keep me awake, but whimpering dogs do. And there is no comforting them. I wonder if earplugs for dogs are available anywhere?

Our house isn’t fond of loud noises either. She will tremble when storms approach, and fireworks make her cringe. We close all the windows and lock the doors, but nothing really helps. She stays tense and nervous until the noises cease.

When a house is nervous, so are her occupants. My grandmother would go into her “storm closet” when she first heard the approach of thunder. She kept a chair in there, along with her earplugs, radio and flashlight. There she stayed until the storm passed on. She didn’t like fireworks, but they didn’t require a visit to her closet.

The night of July 4 was disturbing, to say the least. Fireworks were going off everywhere, and both our dogs and our house began to tense up. Dogs can run and hide, but our poor houses have to hold onto their roofs and endure.

One night fairly recently, a huge blast of lightning, followed by a deafening roar of thunder, got everyone’s attention. Our house grabbed her roof, the dogs ran for the closet, and Taller Half and I jumped 2 feet off the couch. We decided to keep our canines company until the storm passed.

We all survived that storm attack, but the trauma of that night still lingers. When clouds gather and take on a threatening hue, house and dogs begin to tremble, and we make sure our closet door is open, just in case.

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