Love spring but not the cleaning

Love spring but not the cleaning

Despite the snowflakes falling, I have high hopes spring isn’t too far away. It is so exciting to think of warmer days and blooming gardens.

Unfortunately, there is a part of spring that I don’t happily anticipate — spring cleaning. We don’t have fall cleaning or winter cleaning or summer cleaning. Why just in the spring?

To be honest, anticipating spring cleaning does not get me excited. Once winter has finally made his exit, I just want to install myself in a rocking chair on our porch, admiring the grass growing and soaking up the sunshine. If I get an urge to do anything, it is trimming bushes in our gardens. After all those months of having to be inside our house, I don’t want to do anything inside.

But eventually, even on the prettiest spring day, I have to go inside for no other reason than to fix a meal. In the process of doing that, I notice the need for a bit of cleaning here and there — actually pretty much everywhere. After our meal and clearing up the kitchen, I
get out the mop, the dust rags and the bucket holding the spray cleaner and paper towels. Before long I am in the midst of a cleaning frenzy.

It continues until Taller Half begs for some downtime. Did I mention that when a cleaning frenzy begins, I insist Taller Half be included? But with the two of us working together, we get a lot accomplished fairly quickly. Once things begin looking fresh and clean, we can relax and head out to the porch and the rocking chairs.

Though it is exhausting, spring cleaning comes only once a year, and once done, it’s
done until next spring. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work? That’s what I choose to believe. If by chance I’m wrong about that, please, please don’t tell me or Taller Half. Thank you!

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