If we lose, does that make us losers?

If we lose, does that make us losers?

“You learn more from losing than winning. You learn how to keep going.” —Morgan Wootten

I have a question: If we lose at something, then does that make us losers? Some people will say no; others will say yes. By definition a loser is someone who loses. It’s pretty straightforward. However, I have read a ton of books in my life, and I can’t think of one person who won all the time. What about those who whatever they touch turns to gold? Oh, that is an easy question to answer — those people don’t exist.

One, they didn’t advertise their losses, and two, they acted at the peak times of their life. What do I mean by peak times of life? Simply put, if life is like a rollercoaster, they act like they’re always at the top, rather than at a dip, a twist or a turn. They make all the major decisions about their life when their emotions are under control, everything is clear mentally and they have studied every angle of what could happen, good or bad.

Did you advertise all your losses? I know I didn’t, and believe me I lost in my life more times than I care to know, even in the world of writing. I love a good story, so naturally I wanted to write a novel, but I first started to write short stories. Well, I wanted to write the main points without all the buildup. Then I wanted to write Christian living books, but I learned I wasn’t called into the ministry. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention my learning disability that affects my spelling.

I would tell some close friends I feel like God is calling me to write, but I can’t spell. One man told me I heard God wrong. I kept trying different writing strategies until I felt being an inspirational writer was what God wanted from me, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I think one of the mistakes we like to make is thinking losing is final. It is only final if we make it final. We can move on and not stay in that hole in which we find ourselves. Tomorrow is a brand-new day full of opportunity. Remember what I said about peaks — I don’t believe we have to do anything now. Most of the time we are able to just relax and think about changes we need to make. Yes, we lost, but we don’t have to become a loser.

Sometimes people label others as losers because they feel the other person is inferior to them. Who wants an “inferior person” to pass them in life? The more they push people down, the farther they go down themselves. If you do it to other people, then ask God to search your heart to allow you to know why you need to keep people down. We should be encouraging people, not discouraging them.

If we lose and then use it as a step, we are on our way to truly winning.

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