A good fan is never out of style

A good fan is never out of style

Some houses love their kitchens and really enjoy the cooking smells emanating from that room. Other houses prefer sweet baking smells such as those made by cookies and cakes.

Our house is one of the latter and loves dearly her exhaust fan. And that fan is an odor destroying-beast. In fact, it’s the best and strongest exhaust fan we have ever lived with. A few weeks ago, I managed to burn some bacon, but that noble fan erased all trace of the resulting stench before it could offend our house or my odor-sensitive Taller Half.

Speaking of odor-sensitive, our neighborhood has been awash in the stink of burning rubbish. The cool nights of late have been perfect for opening windows, but the smells coming from that smoldering trash pile have put the onus on opening any windows. Our house is sickened by the smell. As a result we must use lots of air freshener spray to keep her from succumbing to an expensive need such as a whole house attic fan.

When we were growing up, most houses had attic fans. They kept the air moving on hot, sultry nights so we kids could sleep. The grownups were cooled by bedside fans or window air-conditioners.

Once a house was gifted with central air-conditioning, attic fans became obsolete. Those fans did help keep a house from suffering from unpleasant inside odors but were no help dealing with bad smells coming from outside. Other than complain to anyone who would listen, house occupants were stuck with odors that offended both them and their abodes.

Once the cold nights of winter arrive, our windows will not be opened at all. Then our house will want cold air to stay outside, even if that air smells good. Our place welcomes good baking smells but relies on her much-loved exhaust fan to keep any unpleasant smells from offending her rooms. We do try our best to keep our house sweet-smelling and happy, but that burning pile of trash has seriously hurt our efforts.

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