Amendment will replace politicians with citizens

Amendment will replace politicians with citizens

Letter to the Editor,

When politicians are allowed to draw district maps, as they currently are in Ohio, they will always be drawn to benefit the politicians themselves. The Citizens Not Politicians Amendment will remedy this by replacing the politicians with 15 vetted citizens: five each from two major parties and five independents.

Ohio’s congressional map was found unconstitutional by the Ohio Supreme Court, but Ohio congressional districts are still gerrymandered because the Ohio legislature has not remedied this unconstitutional dilemma.

The proposed amendment to the constitution would establish a commission of citizens, not politicians or lobbyists, who would be responsible for drawing the lines of Ohio’s General Assembly and Congressional districts.

Check and our Facebook page for signing opportunities. You also can email the League of Women Voters at

Kathy Bachman

League of Women Voters

Tuscarawas County

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