Reader viewpoint: No business survives without local support

Reader viewpoint: No business survives without local support

Letter to the Editor,

Progress is being made on the ProVia facilities at 629 Wabash Ave. in New Philadelphia, the former home of the Times Reporter and Midwest Offset. I had the privilege of working for the latter in the late 1980s and early 1990s — one of my jobs while attending college and after.

I worked for Carl Loos, who was previously T/R circulation manager and also worked with the Blooms (Rick Sr. and Jr.), team members in the composing room before starting their now-successful Bloom’s Printing. I’m glad to see the building moving forward into a new chapter, continuing good works of quality production that took place there before.

The ProVia renovations offer lessons for everyone. First, local residents should consider making ProVia their first choice when installing new or replacement doors and windows. I did. Second, everyone should take a moment and look forward through the rearview mirror and answer a few questions:

—What do local businesses contribute to our communities, both short- and long-term?

—When I look at local businesses of the past in the Tuscarawas Valley, what worked and what didn’t work?

—What roles did strong families, faith and area clubs/organizations play in the overall health of current/past local businesses?

As an operator of a small business for 31 years and the son of a dad who operated his engineering/marketing firm for 20 years with many Tuscarawas County/Ohio customers, I can confidently say that starting the business is easy; maintaining the business takes work, honesty and dedication. It takes guts to face inevitable operation challenges. It requires humility and strong character to admit when business strategies require a refresh.

Most importantly, never lose one’s sense of gratitude toward family, friends, co-workers and community members for their contributions both today and tomorrow. No business survives without them.

Tom Adamich

New Philadelphia

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