Salvo receives support

Salvo receives support

Letter to the Editor,

I write to highlight the remarkable impact of Jodi Salvo on our community. As her husband of 33 years, I've witnessed firsthand her unwavering dedication to bettering the lives of those around her.

For over a decade, Jodi has been a beacon of hope, working tirelessly to provide education and prevention skills to our youth. Through in-classroom student training and student-led initiatives, she has equipped young minds with invaluable mental health and prevention skills, emphasizing the importance of communication, collaboration and self-advocacy.

Her commitment extends beyond the classroom, as she supports individuals in recovery, offering support and unwavering encouragement to build and sustain the recovery community. Jodi's involvement spans a breadth of critical issues, from suicide and overdose prevention to tackling the challenges of gambling and vaping/tobacco addiction.

Jodi's impact reverberates throughout our community, as she collaborates with diverse stakeholders — from business leaders to pastors, law enforcement and civic organizations. Her advocacy knows no bounds, as she champions protective measures for our youth and families in legislative discussions at the state level and collaborates with organizations like the Ohio Farm Bureau to safeguard our rural communities.

During the darkest days of the opioid epidemic, Jodi was on the front lines, offering solace and support to those affected. Her dedication has undoubtedly touched countless lives, leaving an indelible mark on our community.

If you have not directly felt Jodi's influence, chances are she has impacted someone within your circle. Sadly, addiction's reach knows no bounds, affecting families across our county. Yet thanks to Jodi's tireless efforts, future generations may find a brighter path forward.

If you want someone who cares deeply about our families and community, I ask that you vote for Jodi Salvo on or before March 19 in the primaries.

Phil Salvo


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