Support shown for Salvo

Support shown for Salvo

Letter to the Editor,

The voters of Ohio have a tremendous opportunity to elect Jodi Salvo to the Ohio House of Representatives 51st District. I am writing this letter to give my strong support to Jodi Salvo to become your next state representative.

Some background on myself: I served in the Ohio House of Representatives from 1995-2002. I then served on the Tuscarawas County Board of Commissioners for 18 years. I am currently serving as the board chairman of the Empower Tusc Coalition of Tuscarawas County. It is from these positions I’ve gotten to know Jodi.

I understand the qualities an individual must have to become an effective leader and elected official, and Jodi has them all.

She has demonstrated to me that she is a very effective communicator and problem-solver.

Jodi is the only true conservative in this race. She will fight to protect our constitutional freedoms and family values. She is a strong advocate of 2nd Amendment rights and protecting the unborn.

She is a fiscal conservative and committed to lowering taxes and believes in local control where your tax dollars are best spent locally to meet the needs of our communities.

I also can vouch for her tremendous work ethic, which is second to none. She is a wonderful family person and understands the issues facing families both large and small.

She is a woman of faith and brings those principles into play every day with those she communicates and comes into contact with.

Join me in voting for Jodi Salvo on March 19.

Kerry Metzger

New Philadelphia

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