World events impact investments

World events impact investments

Letter to the Editor,

The author of the letter published on June 15 makes the assumption that the state of her investments is primarily due to the occupant of the White House, rather than worldwide events such as the global financial crisis, which started during the Bush administration, or the global pandemic, which started during the Trump administration.

The financial crisis was due, in part, to Republican policy to deregulate the market. Recovery took time and was a result of actions by the Federal Reserve and the Obama administration. The Great Recession was declared over by June 2009, the end of the second quarter of Obama’s term — unfortunately, not in time for her March 2009 dividends to show improvement.

Looking at his past actions when in office, I do not believe Trump will create economic improvements. He is a convicted felon, as are many of the lawyers and advisers he surrounded himself with. He is the only president to be impeached twice, and his trials, both civil and criminal, prove he is not a successful businessman. His success is an illusion.

Anne Wilson


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