Grant opportunity for HDM building owners

Grant opportunity for HDM building owners
Dave Mast

Historic Downtown Millersburg building owners have an opportunity to earn a grant that could help revitalize and improve their property.


It may be time for Historic Downtown Millersburg to get another face lift, and HDM building owners have a golden opportunity to have some help in funding their building improvement.

Holmes County commissioners are looking for interested building/business owners to apply for a PY2022 Downtown Revitalization Program grant.

Holmes County is eligible to apply for up to $250,000, which includes project construction, professional and administrative costs.

According to Holmes County planning commissioner Arnie Oliver, HDM has secured two of these grants in the past, and they have paved the way for building owners to revitalize their buildings.

“This is a grant that can be used for a lot of things, and Millersburg building owners have made some really nice improvements to their structures in the past,” Oliver said.

Holmes County can complete up to three projects. Interested owners would have to demonstrate site control of the property and a commitment of funds equal to 50% of their project costs prior to the county’s application.

“While it does require a financial commitment from building owners, this grant presents a nice opportunity to have half of a project paid for,” Oliver said. “As long as an owner can agree to match the funds, it can be a big money-saver.”

Eligible activities include structural rehabilitation, facade improvements, interior and exterior building code violation corrections, historic preservation, direct administrative costs, and professional (architectural and engineering) work related to specific revitalization activities.

Applications will require firm participation commitments from building/business owners, a detailed scope of work and a cost estimate for each project. Cost estimates must be calculated using applicable prevailing wage rates.

Oliver said professional plans/drawings are not required for the application. All work must be completed by third-party contractors, and business/building owners may not use in-kind or donated labor or be paid with CDBG funds. Professional fees will be paid for with grant funds only if the building/business owner uses the professional services procured by Holmes County for the project.

All selected projects must apply for and be approved through the Holmes County Design and Review Board at the building/business owner’s expense to be funded. All selected projects will be submitted for clearance through the Ohio Historic Preservation Office. Projects that do not comply with OHPO recommendations will not receive funding.

Oliver also said while owners may submit their plans and apply for a grant, there are no guarantees they will receive any funding. He said there aren’t any guarantees Holmes County will receive any part of the grant funding.

“It’s a highly competitive grant,” Oliver said. “We will accept all applications and send them in to the state, where a decision will be made among all the applications from around the state where the funding will go. This part of the process is just the application process. Nothing right now will be approved. We will submit all our applications, and then it’s a roll of the dice to see where the state sends the funds.

“However, we have seen some real benefits come to Millersburg from this grant in the past that have definitely improved the appeal of Historic Downtown Millersburg. Hopefully, this grant can add to that process and create something even more special in the downtown area.”

Anyone seeking an application form can call Historic Downtown Millersburg Executive Director Judy Lamp at 330-275-7704.

Questions regarding the grant should be directed to Susan Moore, Ohio Regional Development Corporation, at 740-622-0529 or via email at

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