Levee construction update provided to Zoar Council

Levee construction update provided to Zoar Council
Lori Feeney

Mayor Scott Gordon updated Zoar council on the levee repair project, where a soil mix test was recently conducted to determine the proper cement composition for the Internal Erosion Interceptor Trench.


Mayor Scott Gordon updated Zoar council members on the status of the Zoar Levee repair project during its October meeting. Gordon said the Corps conducted a soil mix test the week of Sept. 20. The test will determine the proper cement mix for construction of the Internal Erosion Interceptor Trench.

The IEIT will work together with a system of relief wells and piping to prevent erosion and seepage of water under the levee.

Gordon reported a couple of traffic issues with contractor vehicles using the wrong streets, but said signs have been posted directing heavy vehicles to use only First and Fifth streets. “All the preplanning helped,” said Gordon. “We had no major issues and the AC was very responsive in resolving the issues we did have quickly.”

Additional mayor’s notes

Gordon said with the Army Corps taking up a considerable amount of the parking space in Zoar with their equipment, an issue arose recently when people from three schools came to take Homecoming photos in the garden. Council discussed communicating with local schools so the village knows when events are scheduled and can plan to have police on site to direct traffic and monitor parking.

Gordon said he received seven responses from Cherry Hill residents regarding the possibility of doing a feasibility study for providing sewer service. Most of the responses came from homeowners living near the one resident whose septic system has failed. According to Gordon, cost was the primary concern among the respondents, who were more worried about storm water runoff than the issue of county sewer service.

The village had planned to use funds from the American Recovery Plan Act to fund the study, but Gordon said the funds could be used to address the storm water problems.

Gordon reporting having obtained a quote of $800 for removing the brush pile on property at Second and Park streets. He will send a 30-day notification to the estate attorney advising that a failure to respond will result in the village taking action to clean it up.

Committee Reports

Street Commissioner David Irwin said the sewer grates at First and Park and in the adjacent alley have been repaired. He also reported that the old metal sliding board at the School House has been removed and is being modified at Buckeye Career Center.

Gordon said the Planning Commission is considering developing a building code based on the International Building Code and is working with the Tin Shop Coffee House on modifying signs since the business added a drive-thru window and new parking area.

Fiscal Officer sought

Gordon reported the resignation of Fiscal Officer Heather Lehmiller and appointed President Gayle Potelicki and Safety Committee chair Tom Klingaman as the search committee in seeking a replacement for Lehmiller.

Trick or Treat

The Zoar Community Association is sponsoring Trick or Treat on Saturday, Oct. 23 from 3-5 p.m. with costume judging in the Zoar Garden at 4 p.m.

Legislative agenda

Council passed an emergency resolution to appropriates funds collected for fire protection and to increase appropriations for police protection.

Council heard:

-The first reading of an ordinance for temporary appropriations

-The first reading of an ordinance to contract with the public defender’s office for legal services for the indigent.

-The third, but not final, reading of an ordinance to vacate West Street to allow levee repair work, pending the receipt of final documents from the Army Corps.

In other voting:

Council voted to:

-Extend the mowing contract with Patrick Eddy for two weeks with an option for additional weeks as needed at the discretion of the mayor and street commissioner

-Pay Anywhere Tree Service $900 to trim and remove trees. The Ohio History Connection will be responsible for paying for work on a tree determined to be on its property.

The next meeting is Monday, Nov. 19 at 6 p.m. at the Zoar School House.

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