Foolish to make investments based on politics

Foolish to make investments based on politics

Letter to the Editor,

A previous letter writer implied that their investments had done better under Republican presidents than under Democratic presidents. I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of their personal experience, but I would offer that they may need to seek out better financial advisers as their investment returns run counter to how the stock market has performed over the past 30 years. For example, under Clinton stock markets increased 209% and under Obama 181%. This in contrast with George W. Bush, in which they decreased 36.7%.

I think it is silly to invest based upon who is president and, moreover, to assign too much power to a president’s ability to control the economy. It is misleading to suggest that who is president affected an investment’s performance, especially when that performance runs counter to how the stock market actually performed under that president. My advice is regardless of how you care to vote, you should invest your money based upon sound financial advice and not based upon politics.

Dean Fraga


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