Her investments do better under Republicans

Her investments do better under Republicans

Letter to the Editor,

When I retired in 2003, my income was almost cut in half when I went on Social Security and pension. Fortunately, my investments were doing quite well, and this additional income almost made up the difference between my working income and my retirement income. George W. Bush was president and my investments continued to do well. One gave me $450 a quarter, a lot of money to me.

In 2008 along comes an unqualified community organizer who ended up in the White House. In his first quarter in office, that $450 sunk to $69. Ouch. This trend continued throughout his presidency until his last quarter in office when the $69 was up to $350 a quarter. Not $450, but at least it was much better than $69.

then Trump was elected president, and — ta dah — in his first quarter in office, the $350 soared to $500. It continued to go up each quarter, and by the time he left office, it was at $1,000 a quarter. This additional income allows me to live not large, but well. If Trump returns to the White House, this could go up significantly because he is a businessman and not a member of the swamp.

In Trump’s last year in office, one of my investments gave me $20,000 in interest. In Biden’s first year, that same investment gave me $3,000. That hurt — I still have not recovered from it.

Yesterday I went to the grocery and bought a 20-pound bag of birdseed, a package of shredded cheese, a small laundry detergent, toothpaste and a get-well card. This came to $44. Bidenomics and build back better is not working for me. When you go to the polls on Nov. 5, be careful how you vote.

Sue Froelich


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