President’s policies affect market, economy

President’s policies affect market, economy

Letter to the Editor,

I am responding to Robert Boyer’s June 22 Letter to the Editor.

To say that market performance is not directly controlled by fiscal policy is very misleading. Such a statement serves to excuse the Biden administration and its policies.

An example is the inflation rate that has devastated our economy. During the Trump administration, inflation averaged 1.9%. In the first year of the Biden administration, inflation climbed to 4.7%, then to 8% before receding in 2023 to 4.1%. Why did the inflation rate become so volatile?

Mr. Biden issued executive orders restricting our energy industries, and America went from being a net exporter of energy to an importer. This singular policy has caused untold harm to America’s economy. When the price of energy goes up, the cost of everything goes up. It costs more to produce a product, to produce raw materials, to deliver and warehouse them.

Note that prior to the 2022 elections, Biden released oil from the strategic oil reserve to artificially lower gas prices (which it did). As a result businesses experienced a lowering of energy costs and thus the inflation rate for the following year dropped from 8% to 4% — indeed a vivid illustration of cause and effect of presidential policies. Biden plans to release more oil prior to the election.

More than three quarters of poll respondents in a Bloomberg News/Morning Consult report said the president is responsible for the current performance of the U.S. economy, and nearly half said he was “very responsible.”

Mr. Boyer, Ms. Froelich is 100% correct. The Biden policies have indeed adversely effected our economy and, as a result, our stock market investments. As a businessman Donald Trump certainly knows how to implement policy that guides our economy toward results more beneficial to Americans.

Alan Reynolds


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