FREE FIREWOOD. (330)465-0257 You cut and stack. Some on ground, some standing. Easy access. (330)465-0257
FOUND: RED HORSE blaket on Holmes CR77. Can be claimed at 9091 E. Moreland Rd. Applecreek, Ohio 44606.
INDEPENDENT WATER ANALYSIS: We do not sell any water treatment equipment or products. We offer diagnostic, comprehensive and quantitative laboratory testing for: Total coliform and E.coli, Iron bacteria (moldy smell), sulfur bacteria (rotten egg smell), odors, taste problems,hardness, nitrate, sulfate, stains, manganese, iron, sodium, chloride, minerals, etc. Your water can look clear. This evaluation will determine what is in the water. We only test your water and explain the results. Holmes Laboratory, 3559 US62, Millersburg, Ohio 44654. (330)893-2933.