Super sizing the service experience

Super sizing the service experience
Randy L. McKee

Weaver Appliance makes a solid promise to its customers, and that promise is about to get even better. “We sell it, deliver it, install it and repair it, so you don’t have to worry about it,” is the store’s motto, and with their brand-new showroom now open in Dover, Weaver Appliance is positioning itself to become the premium appliance provider, not just in Ohio, but across the country.

“By the end of this year, Weaver Appliance plans to offer same-day service on appliances as part of the world class service customers have come to expect from us,” said Steve VanHorn, director of sales and marketing. “It starts with our new and customized space, where customers can see, touch and interact with the products on display in our large, functional showroom.”

In 1989, Dennis Weaver started the business in his home after seeing the opportunity to provide premium appliance service in this area. Weaver took it upon himself to become an appliance expert, then began selling appliances, and Weaver Appliance was born.

In 2012 Dennis moved to a new location as the business continued to grow. Soon after the move, he hired his friend and son-in-law, Nathan Bear, to help him manage the increased demand for Weaver Appliance services. In 2014 Nathan purchased the business with a focus on growing what Dennis had built.

Today, Nathan and his wife Theresa are not only continuing Dennis Weaver’s legacy, but also are building on it by providing unmatched service. Together, the trained sales staff, delivery, installation and service crews put Weaver Appliance above all others in the industry.

“We have a training lab in Canton where our service staff learns the ins and outs of every appliance we sell,” VanHorn said. “The better trained our service staff is, the quicker they will diagnose the problem and get it fixed.”

This dedication is the difference between depending on Weaver Appliance for service and simply purchasing a product from someone else and hoping for the best. Weaver will sell, deliver, install, service and honor the warranty for the life of the product.

“We will never sacrifice customer service, quality or expertise,” VanHorn said. “Dennis Weaver’s goal was to follow through and be the best — and we do that today.”

Chad Simpson, director of the service division, has more than 20 years of experience in customer service and is achieving Weaver’s goal of same-day service.

“Whether it’s on the sales floor, in your home for delivery or a service call, we continue to honor this company’s past as we move into the future,” VanHorn said.

Everyone knows that with the onset of computer chips and high-tech features, appliances aren’t what they used to be. As a part of its dedication to service, Weaver Appliance has invested in education and in the proper tools so their service team is trained on every aspect of the modern appliance in order to properly diagnose and repair them.

“We are committed to preparing our team for every issue that may arise,” VanHorn said. “You simply won’t find that any place else.”

A visit to Weaver Appliance is a premium shopping experience from the moment you walk in. So relax, have a cup of coffee and let the kids play a video game as you browse the latest in kitchen, laundry and other home appliances and get advice from the experts.

“Often appliance shopping is not something you were anticipating,” VanHorn said. “We make it stress free and even enjoyable. We offer flexible financing and specialize in finding just what you’re looking for while keeping you on budget.”

Find the new Weaver Appliance at 2613 N. Wooster Ave. in Dover. For more information call 330-852-4555 or check the website

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