Ruritans hear from financial planner

Ruritans hear from financial planner

The Northwestern Ruritan Club met April 10 for the monthly dinner/meeting at Northwestern High School. President Kim Wellert welcomed members and guests Ted Payn and Dave Williams. Condolences were expressed for former member Roy Anderson, who passed away March 30. The group joined in singing "America," and the invocation was given by Pastor Paul Bartholomew. Afterward, there was a dinner served by the school cooks.

The program was given by Williams, a financial planner, who emphasized the importance of studying life goals. Many people’s No. 1 regret is not saving enough. A common pitfall for people is keeping a balance on credit card accounts, which charges high interest rates. Regarding home ownership, if a person can earn 10% interest on an investment, it is much better to invest in those funds and to pay 3% interest for a home ownership loan. The homeowner loan interest is then deductible for income tax. Of special note, if a 23-year-old invests $27,000 within the next 10 years, earning 10% compound interest, those monies would multiply into $1,157,500 by the time that person turned 67.

Ruritan Zone 9 Gov. Ted Payn spoke, congratulating the club for being the most active club, with 32 members, in Zone 9. There is an emphasis in the Ohio District, which has 974 members total, and Ruritan National to increase membership, with suggestions given such as inviting people to meetings — including former members who dropped out — having a strong presence on Facebook and in newspaper publicity, and handing out club flyers at fundraisers.

After the March meeting minutes and treasurer's report were approved, a thank-you note was received from the Mohican Church Grocery Bag Ministry for the donation of bulk sausage. It was reported the ministry serves from 30-35 families each month.

The club passed a motion to co-sponsor a delegate from Northwestern High to Buckeye Girls State this summer, and Jamie Bowman said the number of flags for the Parade of Flags is about the same as last year.

Chuck Beck said there are only two known soldiers from the area who are overseas, and Husky Brigade packages will be sent to them following the May meeting. Beck also reported the spring roadside trash pickup along state Route 301 will be in June. Dick Wiley said the West Salem Bike Race will be July 22, beginning at 8 a.m., with club members assisting.

The Northwestern Schools and NW Ruritan Business Recognition Award selections this year are the Wayne County FOP Lodge 94 and CR Blooms flower shop, both to be recognized at the May 8 meeting. Also, 13 Northwestern High seniors have been selected to receive scholarships this year. A motion was passed that a total of $8,000 will be distributed to the students, who also will be recognized at the May 8 meeting.

With no more business, the meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be May 8.

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