Waynedale Class of 1980 plans 40+2 reunion

Waynedale Class of 1980 plans 40+2 reunion

After a delay of two years, the Waynedale Class of 1980 will hold its reunion on Saturday, June 11 at Blue Barn Winery, 4407 S. Columbus Road, Wooster.


As things slowly begin to resemble life prior to the pandemic, numerous groups have begun to schedule or reschedule events that got canceled or postponed.

Among those groups is the Waynedale High School Class of 1980, which would have met in 2020 to celebrate its 40-year reunion. But a lot of things that were supposed to take place in 2020 just didn’t happen.

“We were really looking forward to it,” said Holmesville native David Corfman, one of the reunion organizers. “Our class has always supported our reunions, and they’ve been well-attended, so we expected our 40th to be a great event.”

But as 2020 lingered on and businesses, schools and virtually all nonessential events were either closed or postponed, Waynedale’s Class of ’80 reluctantly faced the facts. “We really had no choice (except to cancel),” Corfman said. “Even if we had wanted to hold the reunion, there weren’t any venues that were booking events.”

Two years later the class is determined to get together to share memories as Golden Bears with a 40+2 reunion.

The Waynedale Class of 1980 reunion will be held Saturday, June 11 at 6 p.m. at Blue Barn Winery, 4407 S. Columbus Road, Wooster. The cost per person, which includes a meal, is $25. Spouses or guests of classmates are welcome.

Corfman said with the event scheduled, the search is on to find as many members of the class as possible.

“We’ve got a pretty active Facebook group called Waynedale High School Class of 1980, and that’s where we encourage everyone to get information and basically check in,” Corfman said. “Everything you need to know about the reunion is there, including a link to sign up and/or get more information.”

Those who aren’t on social media are encouraged to reach out to friends who are or vice versa.

“We graduated with 120 people, and almost half are in the Facebook group, so that’s good,” Corfman said. “To save time and expenses, we’re hoping to be able to reach out electronically as much as possible. Basically, we’re asking those classmates who know someone that isn’t part of the group to reach out to them to join or to provide us a way to contact them.”

One alternate contact method is to email fellow organizer Marybeth (Jacobs) Hall at jmbhall@sssnet.com.

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