Aultman Orrville offering pulmonary rehab program

Aultman Orrville offering pulmonary rehab program

Aultman Orrville Hospital recently began offering a 12-week pulmonary rehabilitation program designed to help patients who have COPD, cystic fibrosis, interstitial lung disease, a difficult COVID recovery or any health concern that has caused shortness of breath. The program will improve their breathing, lung function and quality of life.

“This program serves an increased need in our community, and our goal is to keep people in the community and provide services close to their homes,” said Kristen Beichler, unit director for the emergency department, cardiac rehab and stress testing.

During appointments, which last one hour twice a week, a team of six specialists will have a patient work through exercises, take their vitals, evaluate their current feelings and progress, and provide education to address their needs.

To learn more about the pulmonary rehabilitation program, call Jennifer Moine at 330-684-4702.

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